3d real-time configurator (Unity engine) that captures tangible experience of building your own bike in your garage with the accessibility of an app. The best way to achieve this was to use real-time 3D, unobstructed interaction with the bike paired with sound effects that really brought the garage experience to life.
Some of the presented stuff didn't get to the final release
role: art director
made for INDG
Bas Gal: Program manager
Daniel Haveman: Architecture
Michiel Kunst: Creative & Technical support
Edwin Toering : Tech Lead
Fethi Uluak: Interactive Art Director
Glenn Leming: Designs
Joris Smit: Project & Solution management
Olaf de Bruin: Asset creation manager
​Alexandru Cristea: Asset creation lead
Valentin Nadolu: Asset creaion lead
Chris Britten: Environment artist
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